I decided to write a dialy in English


I have decided to write articles and journal entries in English from now on.

There are seceral reason for this.

I started using it at work.

Although learning English is not a repuirement, we are increasingly using English for internal interactions.

Since this is a good opportunity for me, I wanted to use it as a chance to learn English.

I want to increase my output.

I get lazy after work.

I was looking for activities that would lead to self-development.

I thought writing diaries and articles in English would be a good output.

I’d like to leave this as a reminder

I think that if I write my diary on paper, I won’t look at it, so I decided to make a Blog that I can look back on anytime.

I thought it would also serve as a record or a substitute for notes when I did some work.


However, I do not yet habe the skills to come up with my own sentences.

For the time being, I will just rely on DeepL to copy the translated sentences.

One day I hope be also to write articles and diaries in English from beginning to end without looking at anything.

Thank you for reading my jounal.

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