How to teach the rules of baseball.


My son started playing baseball, but he dosen’t know any of the rules.

No wonder, since he never had the opportunity to learn the rules of baseball.

As I stated in my last article, I didn’t want my son to hate baseball, so I didn’t teach him at all.

When my son starts playing baseball and I try to get him to learn the rules, I find it difficult.

I played baseball in school, so I should know the rules better than the general average.

However, I cannot clearly recall how I leaned the rules of baseball as s child.

Why can’t I remember?

I think it is because I learned it naturally, not bacause I tried to remember it.

When I was a kid, the hurdles to playing baseball in the park were much lower.

Video games were not as plentiful as they are today, so parents bought their children toys such as gloves, balls, and bats, and many children owned their own baseball equipment.

Nowadays, the hurdles to playing baseball for fun are high, such as not having equipment, strict park rules, etc.

In addition, in the past, baseball games were broadcast during prime time, and many families were accompanied by their fathers to watch baseball games.

My wife follows this pattern and understands all the rules, even though she has never played baseball before.

Then I thought about how the modern world should learn the rules.

  1. Buy a rule book and have them read it
  2. Subscribe and show baseball broadcasts
  3. Cartoon, Animation
  4. Video game

Let us examine them one by one.

About 1
This is pretty hard to do.
Even as an adult I don’t really want to do it.
It seems especially difficult for my son as he dose not like to read.
I would be happy to have him read when he is in the upper grades of elementary school.

About 2
This method works for kids who already love baseball, but not for my son.
Above all, it’s difficult to get him to face the TV for long periods of time, and I myself don’t want him to.

About 3
This would be effective, but as mentioned above, my son is not a very good reader.
He will watch animation, but only as input, so a certain amount of time is needed.
Also, there is no small possibility that some of the subject matter may have a negative effect on him.

About 4
I think this is the only way now.
Because games are fun, my son is bound to do them himself.
Also, unlike other methods, we believe that games are more likely to help him learn the rules in a short period of time because they are based on output.

For these reasons, I purchased the Nintendo Switch version of Powerful Pro YAKYU.

This is classic baseball game that I myself played reqularly from when I was in elementary school until I graduated from high school.

I had a little bit of a hankering to try it myself after a long time. LOL!

Now, I wonder how fast my son will learn the rules using this gaem.
I’m looking forward to it.