It’s hard to keep a diary every day.


I have not written a diary in a long time.

It’s hard to keep a diary every day.

I use that as an excuse when I am busy at work.

Not much happens in my daily life that I would want to write in a diary.

That’s why I write about unimportant things I’ve been thinking about recently and everyday things that are no big deal.

Drama ”KYOUJOU” not very interesting.

The special drama version was great fun, but the regular drama version is not.

There ars several reasons:

  1. The situation of the police academy, which is otherworldly to the average person, was interesting, but once he is out in the field, it becomes just another police drama.
  2. Reasoning is messy.
  3. The timeline is wrong.

I’d look at it and think it’s not funny.

I have written a list of reasons why I don’t think it is interesting, but in the end I keep watching it.

I am curious about the connection between “Kazama Kimichika” and the killer of thousand-piece thread, and the roles of the actors who will appear in the drama later on.

The drama script is not great, but I thought it was well promoted.

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