It’s hard to give it a title.


Titling a blog is difficult, isn’t it?

Becauce not so special days don’t come.

I wrote the same thing yestaday.

I worked remotely all day yesterday.

The only thing I would dare mention is that my son said his friends left him out of the group.

He didn’t have many friends to begin with.

But suddenly he has a friend named “A” boy.

For a while he playde with A every day.

They were good friends, although they seemed to fight occasionally.

After a while he also made friends, boys B, C, and D, through the A connection.

Because A has many lessons to learn, they have been playing more and often with the four of them without A.

Also, after a little time, it seems that A began to talk privately to B in front of his son.

Eventually, they began to act more and more like he was a peer outcast at the end of the day and after school.

My guess from the situation is that A is jealous of his son.

My son, who had no close friends other than A.

I think he didn’t like that my son was getting along with other friends.

I remembered that there were boys like him when I was a child.

It would be a good opportunity to learn how to deal with people like him at a reasonable distance or to quietly leave without antagonizing them badly.

It will surely be useful in the future.

I hope my son grows up strong.

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